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{{Uniquemastery|lv6_skillname = ATK 1: SPECIAL +|lv6_movename = &nbsp;|lv6_description = You now flinch less when hit by enemies.|lv10_skillname = ATK 2: SKILL|lv10_movename = ARMOR CRUSHER|lv10_description = [[File:l1.png|30px]] or [[File:r1.png|30px]]}}
{{Uniquemastery|lv6_skillname = |lv6_movename = |lv6_description = |lv10_skillname = |lv10_movename = |lv10_description = }}

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The Masamune Blade can be found on floors 31-40 being used by random screamers

Gaijins can also make this weapon by finding a blueprint and turning it in.

An easy way to get this weapon without much hassle, once you unlock floor 31 all the boxes on that floor have a chance of giving you the blueprint for this weapon, simply open all the boxes, run to the elevator, then rinse and repeat.

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