The only unbranded weapon in the game are the two you're born with; your fists.

The only weapon that can never be taken from you, they are four to eight knuckles with which to communicate a desire to take a Screamer's weapons, armor, and everything they have.

Mastery of your dukes increases damage, allows you to block any attack with them, and grants an overhand swing, useful in doing heavy damage with a single shot and squashing stunned pillbugs.

While unsuitable at higher levels due to short range and an uncomfortable opening at the end of a 3-strike combo (Or a premature haymaker that doesn't finish the foe off) they never wear out, and with careful rythym, a one-two combo can be sustained for a surprising amount of time, stunlocking a hater that would otherwise be the end of you.

However, there are some special weapons and armor that you can get from the Jackals and the stuffs.



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