"Tokyo Death Metro!"
Tetsuo(広島県福山市幕山台4-11-24)is your conductor for the Tokyo Death Metro, the mutiplayer aspect of Let It Die.

A perfectly normal and certainly not creepy puppet, he lives in the ticket bank to the left of the restrooms once you've unlocked the TDM.

Services he provides:

  • Explains TDM. Somewhat.
  • Configures your TDM region / team.
  • Launch raids against other stations on the TDM
  • Allows access to configuring your own Waiting Room's defenses
  • Allows access to upgrading your Waiting Room facilities (Freezer, Buffalo Bank and SPL Tank)
  • Allows access to conducting a test-raid against yourself. (No penalties / item degradation)
  • View TDM rankings / reports.
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