The Yotsuyama Bionics Catalogue is a ficticious catalogue showcasing the Tubers as military products; the purpose is mostly for giving background to the unspeaking, non-fighter enemies in the tower, but it also sheds light on weaknesses and strengths of the Tubers, if you haven't already figured them out.

Locations Edit

page 1

page 2

page 3 kamoto 13f (in the room filled with snails and red trucks. behind one red truck is a crate leaning on another in this area "usually has a beast" here you can climb the crates to a point where you can climb right or left chose left.

page 4 Kaga - 16F. It's located on top of a container in the boss fight area.

page 5 honkawa 23f (in the room with a fountain on one side and a flame thrower statue on the other "seperated by a wall and two gates" go on the flamethrower side. head for the far right side of the room next to the exit look in the corner "there should be flames and the book portion"

page 6 temae-jima 29f

page 7 wakaba 35f (in the room that forces you to jump a fence to access from one side you can find the book portion in a small corner closer to the mid section of this room. there are several windows along the wall leading to the corner.)

page 8 yatsuo 36f (in the lower portion of the open area where you are running accross ruble "there is also a flying tuber." there are 2 stair cases; one inside a small building and one outside. the book portion is dangerously located along the ledge of the lower half of this area "you can fall off !")

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